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Teacher Contacts & Class Information

Consistent communication is one of the hallmarks of educational success. There are a variety of methods you can use to keep in touch with your child's teachers.

Each teacher has an email address that follows the standard format of first initial, last name, and the suffix @d118.org. For example, Mr. T. Matthews email address would be tmatthews@d118.org. If the last name has spaces in it, simply omit the spaces in the email address.

The school telephone number is (847) 526-6210.

Team Email Address:


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TeacherClassE-Mail Address
TeacherClassE-Mail Address
Mrs. Galanos Honors Algebra & Geometry jgalanos@d118.org 
Mrs. Nakazaki Literature & Language Arts cnakazaki@d118.org 
Mrs. Pilcher Literature & Language Arts & Honors Lit/LA cpilcher@d118.org 
Mrs. Byers  Pre-Algebra, Algebra hbyers@d118.org 
Mr. Grandt Science jgrandt@d118.org 
Mrs. Kondela Science tkondela@d118.org 
Mr. Jurkowski Social Studies ajurkowski@d118.org 
Mr. Smyth Social Studies msmyth@d118.org 
Mr. VanRoeyen Special Ed.: Literature/LA, Math rvanroeyen@d118.org 
Mrs. T. Carlson Special Ed.: Literature/LA, Math, Social Studies, Science tcarlson@d118.org 
Showing 10 items